Moja Foundation

Moja Foundation
Moja Foundation enables education, creation and donation of underwear and sanitary items

Moja Foundation enables
education, creation and donation of
underwear and sanitary items

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Health and hygiene education

Moja Foundation organises workshops about health and hygiene at local schools, in cooperation with teachers and parents. By building a mutual understanding amongst girls and boys, we can enable a safe environment to have open-minded discussions about health and hygiene topics.

Topics that are discusses vary depending on age groups, culture and already present education. In most cases we focus on health, hygiene, menstruation, puberty and safe relationships. The workshops are always taught by a local team.

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Access to hygiene products

Independent Development

Moja Foundation believes that the only way to make a lasting impact is to work locally. That is why we partner with local people and organisations and produce products locally. We assist our production partners on a case-by-case basis in setting up their businesses.

Through knowledge sharing and full support of our partners in their growth, we ensure that local women can become skilled sewers and entrepreneurs. By becoming financially independent, they can improve underwear and sanitary pads production and accessibility in their local communities whilst generating their own income.


Health and hygiene education

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Access to sanitary products


Independent development



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